julia; 18, maryland/new york

"from my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity."

{edvard munch}

a galaxy built for , lit by  stars

Can you suck the pussy? - Anonymous


"The Bone Spy"


Steal her look.
Sulfuric Acid- 420$

how th e FUCK did I not know that the killers covered the song “romeo and juliet” by dire straits before today????? this is so important

Fan screaming “Sit on my face” to Lana Del Rey

Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.


What if the entire tale of sleeping beauty really was, at one point, a clever ploy in order to lure the princes of any neighbouring kingdoms into an old, abandoned castle? 

There is no sleeping beauty— there is only an assassin who happens to be very good at pretending to be asleep.

(cheers to loika for help & cough bedtime stories, and whose artbook you should definitely preorder because it will make your life better and your eyes happy.)


Men Stop Threatening To Kill Your Daughters Boyfriends To Prove Your Masculinity and Show That Your Daughter Is Your Property 2k14

there is only one question: who is to rule? and this is never answered with words.

i wanna get better // bleachers

"i didn’t know i was lonely til i saw your face"


photosynthesize your worries into strength

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